Price: Free, with a paid version available for under $4.

If none of the aforementioned Windows-styled launchers do it for you, there’s always Home8. We’re not big fans of this one, mind you, as while it’s colourful, it also looks and feels very clunky, offering a Windows-esque experience. Ish. Very ish. Stress that ish.

For the designers out there

If none of these looks have your attention and you’d prefer your phone to look totally different, there are options for that as well. These are things we highly doubt manufacturers will ever try as they’re just not consumer friendly enough, but if you’re game, there’s a lot of fun to be had.

Buzz Launcher

Price: Free

Offering more designs than you can shake a stick at, Buzz Launcher is about the unorthodox interfaces we’ve always dreamed gadgets from the future would have.

With Buzz and its Buzz Widget, anyone can be a designer, but the really good ones will get a mention and favourites from people using the Buzz Launcher, with lots of possibilities through this system, currently catering to over 450,000 homescreens. Sheesh!


Price: Free

Like Buzz Launcher, Themer is about designing your phone to look nothing like any other launcher, with small widgets and graphic placements that make the handset look totally out of the blue, with screens that almost look like they animate in and are actually just pulled in from the side.

If you’re curious as to what some of the themes in Themer can be like, it’s worth taking a browse through My Colour Screen, which is a showcase site for people creating themes in and for Themer, sharing these unique creations with the world and letting you redefine your handset to be different from the person sitting next to you on the bus.

Widget Home

Price: Free

Placed squarely in the “less is more” category, Widget Home is one of the more unusual designerly launchers that offers some flexibility on what sort of things exist on your home screen, but uses simple widget blocks to get there. Quite a few options are included, and you can place any widget of your own choosing here, but the sort of options available from this launcher appear to be more typographic than others, which we can see winning friends of design over.