There’s a bit more to the app, but not much more unless you decide to spend money and unlock the real version, with the amount of apps you have at your disposal limited by the locked menu.

Smart Launcher

Price: Free, but with in-app purchases.

Only want a few apps to choose from? Smart Launcher has you covered, with six apps arranged in a hexagon, making up your six most important apps — messages, camera, phone, photo album, music, and web browser — with the rest available on the side.

Provided you can remember the icons, it’s a pretty simple mix.

…and everything else

And then there are the launchers that don’t really fit into any category, with styles and designs that don’t really match anything else, and yet offer solid homescreens that can do more than you’ll expect.


Price: Free

One of the more playful launchers and one of our favourites, Aviate is about tracking your activities and offering you the best homescreen for whatever you’re currently doing at the time.

Getting up in the morning? There’s a specific screen for that, with a clock and weather forecast. Going to work? Have your calendar and a map screen. Are you out and about somewhere you’ve never heard of? Here’s what good for the area.

Beyond this context-aware functionality, Aviate offers a bunch of program shortcuts, collections of your favourite programs, and a simple way to dial people by swiping up from the bottom of the screen to see your most called folk. Highly recommended.

Z Launcher

Price: Free

This one came out of left field, offering an unusual experience from a brand not known for doing much with Android.

In fact, now that its Android efforts have been canned — thank you Microsoft — Nokia doing an Android launcher is very unusual, but here we are.