Changing the way you navigate!


Satellite navigation pioneer Navman announced today that it has launched the new iCN 720, an innovative portable navigation product featuring NavPixx a breakthrough technology which offers a unique and intuitive way to navigate to a destination using just images. Simply, a photograph is taken with the iCN 720 and the location is automatically georeferenced by Navmanns GPS technology. Available in Australia in July 2006, the system offers the very latest high-definition, 4-inch widescreens and brand-new navigation software, together with the very latest GPS technology

As simple as: Picture, touch, go

>Images are an obvious and unmistakeable way to identify a destination,, says David King, Australasian Sales Manager of Navmanns Consumer Navigation Group. For example, if we wanted to enter the Sydney Opera House as a destination within a current navigation device, how many of us would know the actual address? Not many, but we all know what it looks like. With NavPix, you simply view the NavPix images on your Navman, touch the NavPix you want to select, and go..

Click, share, download, explore

>You can use the built-in camera on the iCN 700 series to take a NavPix image of something that inspires or interests you,, says David. It might be a location youuve stumbled upon by chance and want to return to. It could be a great restaurant, a scenic view or an amazing building or maybe something relevant to your professional life, such as a location for a photo shoot, a property for sale or a scene you need to recordd.

Once images have been taken on the iCN 720, NavPix images can be uploaded and stored within a personalised, online album that can be created on the Navman website. The website will also have NavPix images of famous landmarks and interesting places to download, as well as online tools to create NavPix images from any digital picture such as jpegs, by automatically assigning the complete longitude and latitude information to the image. When youuve taken and uploaded your own NavPix images, you can share them with other NavPix creators and users from the Navman global community.

NavPixx: Picture Yourself There

;We are proud to be launching a world-first technology with NavPixx says David. We strongly believe that it will become the de facto standard for navigation in the future. Navman is pioneer in GPS technology and will continue to develop new and exciting ways to utilise navigation..

Wide-screen navigation

The iCN 720 boasts the latest 4-inch, high-resolution screen offering a crystal-clear 3D view of the route. Navman has developed a new software interface to accompany this widescreen format, with user-friendly touch screen and soft keys to easily access navigation functions. Getting from point A to point B has never been so simple.

Second-generation SiRF Star III the latest GPS technology

The new iCN 720 features the very latest GPS technology: the second-generation SiRF Star III.  The reception is significantly improved in environments with a weak signal such as areas surrounded by high buildings or dense foliage. This new GPS technology also offers lower power consumption therefore providing longer battery life.

All new navigation software

The iCN 700 series features brand-new navigation software featuring new user interface incorporating icons into the menu function as well as many added, advanced features to enhance the user experience. Advanced motorway guidance not only tells you which junction to take, but also what road to enter next.  The new, built-in trip computer gives you full details of your journey including distance travelled, time taken, average speed, maximum speed, and even time spent stationary.

Intelligent speed and red light camera data

Navman now has an up-to-date speed and red light camera warnings through a database which can be downloaded from Navman. Users can activate an audio warning of the legal speed limit when approaching a speed camera.

Additional features

  • Featuring two dedicated hardware buttons with clear icons which allows you to find nearby fuel stations and parking areas at the touch of a button
  • The RF remote control can be attached to your steering wheel, enabling you to operate the unit easily and safely. With RF technology, the remote is easier to use as there is no need to point the remote control directly at the iCN
  • The iCN 720 is pre loaded with the latest Australia wide street level mapping
  • New, easy releasee car suction mount makes it simple and easy to install and remove for secure and quick storage.

Price and availability

The iCN 720 model will be available from leading retailers from July 2006. The unit comes with a car suction mount, cigarette lighter adaptor, carry case, RF remote control, USB cable and main power adaptor with a RRP of $1399.

Source: Navman