Cheap games: Harvey has a deal for the next 48 hours

We rarely talk about Harvey Norman, except when the company tries to make headlines with deals that aim to make it worthwhile to customers, but now the company seems to have one, and if you’re a gamer, there’s cause to celebrate.

For the next 48 hours and until March 29th, Harvey Norman is offering 50% off all games, provided it’s not a pre-order title.

Someone in the office just bought Mass Effect for $80 the other day... and now it's $39. Doh!


That includes PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS and 3DS, and PS Vita. As long as it’s not a game that hasn’t come out, Harvey Norman is cutting the price by half and allowing you to grab it over the next few days. The deal is offered to a maximum of two titles per customer, and can be bought online and be sent to you or picked up in store provided it has stock.

We know what we’re grabbing, and our wallets will thank us for the next few days. Act now though, because we’re sure once the sale is over, the prices over at Harvey won’t be anywhere near as impressive as they are now.