Cheap thrills


The GadgetGuy has been alerted to a new website boasting top of the range Samsung 3D LED TVs for insanely cheap prices. Is this a scam?
Since we were alerted to 3D Cheap TV’s presence and through the course of the afternoon, we’ve tried desperately to get in contact with the website’s owner. Sadly, he or she has yet to switch their mobile back on or reply to our emails.
What we do know is that many of the products advertised on site don’t quite match up with what we know about Samsung TVs (which is quite a lot).
For instance, while the webpage is very basic, the photos of the different model TVs are merely the same picture duplicated several times and mirrored.
Furthermore, the “Samsung 55in Series 9000 LED 3DTV UNC55C900” advertised for “$1,500” is a model that we’ve reviewed in the past, and has a recommended retail price of about $10,000.
You might like to think our dollar is quite strong right now, but not this strong. Especially since the apparent ‘stock’ isn’t coming from America.
We’re also curious why the seller has the wrong TV product photo on most of the pages. Also, under the careful scrutiny of our art director, it appears that box photos have been altered in Photoshop. For example, the photo file named “un65c900InBox.jpg” appears to have been modified (above), which leads us to question the integrity of the products on offer. If they have the products in stock, why not just photograph the real boxes instead of making them up?
While we can only offer our opinion at this stage as to the legitimacy of the site and its products, we strongly urge buyers to approach with caution. Remember that something too good to be true usually is, especially when it comes to the internet. Samsung is also investigating the situation – so approach with caution.