Cheapest Amaysim plans: save and get more phone data

Cheapest Amaysim plans
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As far as good value mobile plans are concerned, there’s a lot to like about Amaysim. Not only does the telco offer well-priced plans, but it also routinely sells phones at discounted prices.

Owned by Optus, Amaysim is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that sells plans using the Optus network. When it comes to who offers the most coverage, Telstra sits at number one, reaching 99.5% of the Australian population, while Optus follows closely behind at 98.5%.

Amaysim is also one of multiple Australian telcos that solely deals in prepaid SIM plans. This means no lock-in contracts or excess charges for exceeding data allocations. They regularly feature among the cheapest SIM plans in any given month and also sell good-value international roaming packs that last 365 days.

To make sure you get the best deal on your phone plan, make sure to compare these Amaysim plans with the best Telstra SIM-only plansVodafone SIM-only plans, and offerings from Boost Mobile.

Cheapest Amaysim plans

Cheapest 28-day Amaysim plans

For the next few days, you can get Amaysim’s Unlimited 10GB SIM plan for just $12. It also includes 5GB of bonus data, bumping it up to 15GB. Both the discount and bonus data lasts for the first three renewals, after which it’ll revert to $18 and 10GB. This offer ends soon, on 17 December 2023 to be precise, so you’ll want to get in quickly.

Starting on 15 December 2023, several large-data Amaysim plans go on sale until 10 January 2024. The cheapest of these is the Unlimited 32GB plan, discounted to $15 and comes with 28GB of extra data for the first three renewals. $15 for 60GB is a sweet deal, especially if you only need the increased data cap while on holiday.

Alongside this deal are several other heavily discounted Amaysim plans with big data allocations:

  • $20 for 100GB on the Unlimited 80GB plan
    • Save $20 and receive an additional 20GB on the first three renewals
  • $25 for Unlimited 120GB plan
    • Save $25 on the first renewal

Cheapest 365-day Amaysim plans

Data from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) shows that Australians use an average of 10.2GB of phone data each month. In other words, most of us pay for more than what we actually need.

This is where a 365-day SIM plan comes into play. If you spend most of your time connected to a home or office Wi-Fi network and don’t use much mobile data, it’s an easy way to save money. By paying a once-yearly fee, you receive your total data allocation up front, along with unlimited domestic calls and texts.

Discounted now until 17 December 2023, you can save nearly $50 on one of these long-expiry Amaysim plans. For the next few days only, you can buy the 150GB plan for $135 (previously $170) or the 200GB plan for $175 (previously $220). Even when full price, they’re decent value and include more data than the average Australian uses monthly.

Phone deals

You can currently grab a nice deal on iPhones and various Android handsets as part of Amaysim’s Christmas and Boxing Day sales. Live now until 11 January 2024, there are discounts of up to $300 on some top-tier phones via the telco.

On the Apple side, you can get an iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max for $200 off, which is pretty good for a recently released device:

  • $100 off on iPhone 11 models, prices starting from $579
  • $100 off on iPhone 13 models, prices starting from $999
  • $150 off on iPhone 15 Pro models, prices starting from $1699
  • $200 off on iPhone 15 Pro Max models, prices starting from $1999

And check out these discounts of up to $300 off Android phones, including the well-regarded Google Pixel 7 models:

  • X Lite: $39 (RRP $59)
  • X Sight 2: $59 (RRP $99)
  • X Pro: $109 (RRP $159)
  • Galaxy A13 5G: $200 (RRP $379)
  • Moto G62 5G: $199 (RRP $399)
  • Google Pixel 6a 128GB Sage: $399 (RRP $599)
  • Google Pixel 6a 128GB Charcoal: $399 (RRP $599)
  • Google Pixel 7 128GB Obsidian: $699 (RRP $999)
  • Google Pixel 7 128GB Lemongrass: $699 (RRP $999)
  • Google Pixel 7 256GB Obsidian: $829 (RRP $1,129)

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