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Samsung’s latest Galaxy phones have arrived in Australia, with AI features the talk of the town. Our review of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has also landed, labelling the phone as the best Android handset available, so make sure you check out the cheapest plans to save some money.

Its cameras are better, the processor is more powerful, and the new Circle to Search feature is extremely clever. Even though aspects of the Galaxy AI software can be hit-or-miss, the phone’s hardware is top-tier.

These are the cheapest plans currently available for the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. There are some good options regardless of your network preference, including boosted trade-in value and bonus devices. We’ve rounded up the prices for the 256GB model as a starting point, although some retailers offer free storage upgrades, so shop around for the best deal.

If you want to purchase the new top-end phone outright, pair it with one of the cheapest SIM plans to save the most money. Want the latest features for less? Look at the plans for the base Galaxy S24 model, which comes with many similar features at a lower price.

Cheapest Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra plans

Both Vodafone and Optus currently have the cheapest plan, starting at $110.08 per month over 36 months. With Vodafone, it comes with the $49 Small Plan, inclusive of 50GB monthly data, which is plenty for most people’s needs.

Optus includes a lower monthly data allowance of 30GB but you also have the option of a bonus device. If you stay connected for the duration of the contract and add a $10 monthly Watch plan, you get a 40mm Galaxy Watch 6, valued at $648, at no extra cost.

Telstra’s cheapest plan starts at $123.08 per month. Depending on network coverage, you might need to spend extra to ensure you’ve got the best connection. These higher prices also come with other bonuses to round out your suite of tech.

Cheapest Vodafone Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra plans

At launch until 29 February, Vodafone includes bonus trade-in value and headphones with its cheapest Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra plan. There’s $500 of extra trade-in credit on offer with eligible devices, stacking on top of the existing value. Plus, you get a pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds FE earbuds and a set of AKG wireless headphones with selected plans, adding $698 of extra value.

Vodafone’s cheapest Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra plan of $110.08 per month over 36 months is only slightly more than Telstra’s offer for the base S24 model. If you want the biggest and best hardware on a plan, and have a device to trade in, this is a decent option.

24 months

36 months

Cheapest Telstra Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra plans

Of all the current offers, Telstra has the most expensive Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra plans. Starting at $123.08 per month over 36 months, it connects you to the $69 Basic Upfront Mobile Plan, loaded with 50GB of data.

Its comparatively higher price corresponds with Telstra boasting the best network coverage in Australia, reaching 99.5% of the population. Another benefit is that signing with Telstra comes with a Galaxy Watch 6 LTE, valued at $699.

New Telstra signups until 4 March can also get $20 off the $95 Premium Upfront Mobile plan, bringing it down to $75 per month over 12 months. Equipped with 300GB of monthly data with uncapped 5G download speeds, it’s squarely aimed at power users.

24 months

36 months

Cheapest Optus Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra plans

Optus equals the cheapest Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra plans, starting at $110.08 per month over 36 months. Compared to the other telcos, the $49 Choice Plus Plan this connects you to includes the least amount of data at 30GB.

Getting the S24 Ultra through Optus currently includes a 40mm Galaxy Watch 6 (valued at $648) when you add a $10/month Watch plan. This plan includes 1GB of data, letting you use internet-connected features without needing your phone nearby.

24 months

36 months

While these are the current cheapest plans, make sure to shop around for the best deal. Among the good range of outright offers, purchasing directly from Samsung is a decent avenue due to the bonuses and upgrades available.

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