Chefs book a table with Dimmi and Alexa

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Online restaurant reservation app Dimmi has partnered with Amazon Alexa to add voice-activated bookings.

Dimmi has enlisted three of Australia’s top Chefs including Neil Perry, Nelly Robinson and Reynold Poernomo to create three short, videos – How chefs reserve a table at another restaurant.

It is the first Australian reservation service to use any voice activation technology. It allows you to simply say, “Alexa, ask Dimmi to book me a table tonight at Rockpool”. Of course, you need the budget for that, but the food is wonderful.

The request is processed in the normal way – specify the restaurant, number of diners, time and date. Bookings are usually instant; it will tell you if a table is available or negotiate a different time/data/restaurant. An email confirmation follows.

Dimmi is now a TripAdvisor company and covers 4,000+ restaurants in capital cities. It also covers major tourist areas like the Gold Coast, Hunter Valley and some regional areas.

GadgetGuy’s take, “Dimmi and Alexa, let’s dine.”

GadgetGuy has used Dimmi for several years. It is great if you want to make a booking a week or more out. Invariably if you want to book for tonight or within a couple of days the restaurant is booked out. It can offer suggestions based on what is available.

Living in vibrant inner Sydney, I tend to go out on the spur of the moment and just walk into restaurants that I know are on Dimmi’s site. Damn – no frequent dining points and no link to review the restaurant. I remind myself that I must remember to use Dimmi.

Using Alexa may make it easier to ask what local restaurants are available tonight and help me select one.

It is only a matter of time before it supports Google Assistant and Siri – let’s hope it gets their first too.

The video below is a compilation of all three chefs.