Christmas music comes to online shopping as Spotify teams up with eBay

Shopping centres are notorious for playing Christmas music in December, but if you do all your shopping online, you miss out. Online to the rescue, though, because if you’re a Spotify member and you’re using eBay this year, you don’t have to.

That’s because the online shopping website (eBay) and the online music service (Spotify) have teamed up to playback Christmas tunes while you shop.

“As Australia’s largest online shopping destination, it’s our responsibility to make sure our shoppers have the best experience possible,” said Megan English, Spokesperson for eBay in Australia.

“Our aim is to bring just a little bit of Chrissy cheer to the 8-million Australians who choose to use eBay each and every month,” she said, adding “to share some Christmas spirit by giving simple access to some all-time favourite Christmas tunes.”

Sitting on the eBay Deals website — which looks like the old eBay website — is a Spotify widget, playing back music from the likes of Nat, Bing, Dean, Frankie, oh, and Wham.

Yes, we said Wham. There’s supposed to be an exclamation mark there, we’re sure of it.

Wham! Better.

Anyway, Spotify has teamed up with eBay to share the holiday spirit with people who want it, and with people who already have Spotify installed, as the widget at the bottom of the page won’t actually play music unless Spotify is installed and running.

The good news is that the requirement of the app and a Spotify account means you’re at least not forced to hear the music as you shop, which is good news for people who either don’t like Christmas tunes or just aren’t in the mood to listen at that time.

But if you do like the sound of the classic Christmas tunes, you’ll be able to get the feeling of shopping centres at your computer, only without the tinny sound of the speakers up above.