Cinema sense: Sanyo`s PLVZ5 widescreen projector


The three polysilicon high definition widescreen LCD chips in the PLVZ5 produce beautifully wide and smooth images even when viewing fast-paced images such as during sports games or movies with special effects,, according to Sanyo. It offers a 10 000:1 contrast ratio, claims 1100 lumens of brightness and provides two HDMI inputs, enabling users to connect, say, a DTV set-top box and Blu-ray player.

Other features include a 2x zoom lens and vertical and horizontal lens shift, the latter allowing for flexible positioning, making the cinema projector suitable for different sized rooms and enabling it to placed below screen height, or off-centre of screen without the projected image becoming distorted. The PLVZ5 is rated as 22dB, so operational noise should be inaudible during viewing sessions, plus therees a remote controlled automatic slide shutter to protect the lens against dust, and an illuminated remote to make system control in a dark room easy. It costs $3,299.