Cisco Linksys launches new products aimed at both cable and ADSL households

If internet speeds at home are becoming a concern, the problem might lie in your network. With that in mind, Cisco Linksys is releasing a new range of products aimed at boosting network speeds, strength, and making sure you’ve got access to the web all over your home including possibly your garden.

The line-up of network gear does away with the old 802.11g WiFi, making the high-speed 802.11n the standard across the Linksys range, with products starting from $79.95 for the new E-series routers. Throw one of these into your network and you’ll find more wireless devices will be able to jump onto your network without slowing everything down.

The X3000 features a port for cable modems to plug into.

Then there’s the Linksys X series, a new line of products that makes it easier for you to work out what you need. If you’ve got cable broadband at home, simply plug a network cable into the “cable” port and the device will switch into a router mode, strengthening your home network and providing speedy access throughout your house. However, if you’re in possession of an ADSL2+ connection, the new product can act as either a modem router or regular router for you.

“We know that there are consumers that have lower technical knowledge and have slow performance because of other devices in the market,” said Cisco’s Todd Lynton, managing director for consumer products in Australia and New Zealand.

Cisco hopes that this new line of modem routers aims to make those speed issues a thing of the past, while simultaneously simplifying the needs of the customer.

The X series comprises of two products, with the X2000 retailing for $149.95 and packing in two internal antennas and three 10/100 Ethernet connections, while the X3000 (above) takes advantage of three antennas and has four Gigabit connections for $199.95.

A range extender (RE1000) will also be released later this year, designed to improve the range of any network, regardless of if it was setup with Cisco’s Linksys products or not.

The RE1000 is a small device designed to boost the signal in your home network.

All of these products should be heading to stores by early-October, so look for them soon.