With the CL-610, projector specialist Runco has shot for the real quality market. Its solid metal casing engenders real feelings of confidence (it weighs nearly 15 kilograms!) This is definitely an installation projector, especially as there is no lens-shift feature. The zoom range is 1.33:1.

Within the casing is a DLP engine, using a 1,280 by 720 pixel digital micro-mirror device. Most importantly, the video signal is processed by Runco’s own in-house technology and the result is amongst the smoothest and highest quality that we have seen.

The projector is also very quiet, with the noise largely damped by the massive construction.

You get a HDMI input for the best digital picture quality, and the normal set of analog video inputs are supplemented by a set of five BNC sockets for the output from high-end video processing units.

In short, this projector produces about as good a picture as is possible with a 1,280 by 720 chip.

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