Clearly brilliant: is this the future of TVs?

The Loewe Invisio is unlike any other TV you’ve seen before because – quite simply – it’s more like a window than a TV.

Designed by Michael Friebe, the Invisio aims to blend in to any environment, much like a chameleon.

“As the first of its kind, the Loewe Invisio introduces technical innovation, combining conventional LCD and the latest TOLED display technology,” says Friebe. “This allows to create non-transparent / solid moving pictures with rich color reproduction and full contrast range from solid black to pristine white.”


No more black hole in the living room; this will just blend right in.

Of course, there are no details on price or availability because right now, it’s just a concept. The Loewe Invisio has been entered into the 2011 International Forum Design Awards, so if it goes well, maybe we’ll see one roll off of the production lines.