ClickStick aims to reinvent deodorant application by making it smart

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Deodorant is one of those things not everyone knows they need, and some just plain well don’t want to, but if you’re having trouble using a spray, a gel, a roll on, or the white crumbly stick, there’s an electric solution on the way

Yes, the every day application of deodorant most of us swab our underarms with is getting changed, and it’s a change for the 21st century, as a company has found a way to make the deodorant stick into something rather electric.

Or rather, specifically electric and with a dose of Bluetooth connected smarts.

It’s called the ClickStick, and the easiest way of explaining this product is that it’s an automatic gel-deodorant applicator with a small battery operated electric motor for dispensing the right amount of deodorant for your arm.

And yes, we’re serious.

According to ClickStick’s creators, the idea for the product came as a result of a relative’s struggles with doing everyday things, many of which we take for granted.

“I saw my father’s mobility deteriorate due to his ALS,” said Carla Bahri, one of the founders of ClickStick.

“Simple everyday things became very challenging for him and something like ClickStick would have made these tasks much less stressful for him as restrictions on his mobility increased. The one-hand application feature makes deodorant application much easier for those with mobility issues that are caused by various physical limitations.”

From a technical point of view, it’s a rather simple gadget, taking in specifically designed gel deodorant blocks and pushing an amount of gel relevant to your body and activity type when you press the button.

But there is also an app, and that’s where you’ll be entering your information, essentially configuring the electronic deodorant applicator to be a smart electronic deodorant applicator, a phrase you really shouldn’t say ten times fast.

An LED is also included at the bottom of the unit, lighting up the gel and turning the ClickStick into a light as well, making it look like a shining icon of nasal comfort in the darkness that is a bathroom or gym locker.

“There have been updates and technology advancements in several areas of personal care, the deodorant applicator has been the one area where innovation has been lacking,” said Gilad Arwatz, one of ClickStick’s founders.

“We wanted to make one of the few things you do every day enjoyable and easy, but also smart and advanced. The features of ClickStick make putting on deodorant a better experience, but the application technology can be used with virtually anything.”

As for refills, that’s an interesting one, because while ClickStick will be making its own replacement blocks, it will also be making refills for you to pour the replacement gel in the same block and save on plastic. Alternatively, we’re told that your own deodorant should work, though ClickStick has yet to reveal details about this.

As for pricing, the rather unique gadget is on KickStarter, and starts at $19 USD, with a view to being released internationally if/when the product is successful in funding.

We’re still not sure if this is a really useful gadget, that said, but are willing to give it a shot. We give lots of gadgets lots of shots — it’s what we do — but this one is just a little strange.

I mean, it’s deodorant. Most of us have no problem wearing it, and applying it isn’t rocket science. Sometimes you put on a little too much, and sometimes you don’t.

Does this really need a form of technology behind it? And an app? Seriously?

It must be a Thursday. I could never get the hang of Thursdays.