Coat gets you off the hook

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Ever been to a public toilet, and the hook on the back of the door was missing? Ever needed to hang your coat and there was no hook in sight?

The Aussie creator of ‘The Original Coat’, Luke Dutton initially sought to use it on public transport when there is nowhere to hang your jacket. However, I can think of several excellent uses for this little device.

How about those times when you have to use a public bathroom, and there isn’t a hook inside for your coat or bag? Or perhaps in a gym or pool change room. Coat comes to the rescue.

What is Coat? GadgetGirl review

Yes, it is me – long-suffering wife of GadgetGuy (Oh, he is OK). Ray gave me this item to review because it was low tech, but in fact, it is pretty high tech.

It is a 6cm diameter, 28g removable suction cup, hook – or as Coat like to call it a portable garment hook.

It is ideal to pop into your handbag or pocket on the go.

It’s effortless to use – you simply press the flat suction cup side onto a surface and pull the lever down to activate the suction. And vice-versa to remove.


Voila, you have a hook to hang your coat.


It will only work on non-porous surfaces like glass, tile, stone, metal, or gloss paint. I tried it on a matte painted wall – nada.

It holds up to 2kg, so this should be fine for a lighter weight lady’s handbag (but don’t try it if you have a large tote with everything including the kitchen sink in it!). It has been tested to 4Kg on a clean, glass surface – we concur.

You can also stick it to a horizontal surface such as a table, so it is perfect for hanging a lightweight handbag in a restaurant.

Coat says the suction will last for many days use. As it’s a portable hook, we did not try that, but the suction cup quality would suggest it’s a keeper.


Coat comes in black, red, or blue. I’ve been a long-term user of the decorative handbag hooks you can use on a restaurant table. Coat is much more multi-purpose, and I can see myself using it in several different ways.


It is $29.95 from Coat’s website here, and while some may gasp at the price, it is a quality, well-made device. Its value is what people will pay for it.

Coat also has a personalised corporate gifting program for orders of 1000 or more.