Coles Wing drone delivery service trial expands into the Gold Coast

Coles Wing drone delivery Gold Coast
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South East Queenslanders will soon join Coles shoppers in Canberra in benefitting from the supermarket’s store-to-door drone delivery service via Wing, with a trial starting next week. 

From 2 November, residents in Gold Coast suburbs Ormeau, Ormeau Hills, and Yatala will be eligible to receive groceries via Wing drone delivery. A range of 500 household staples – including bread, fresh food, and household essentials – can be ordered using the trial service, with orders dispatching from the Coles located at Ormeau Village Shopping Centre. Once launched, this service will be available between Tuesday to Sunday from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm. 

Alongside drone delivery company Wing, Coles will have a dedicated fleet of drones, with Coles team members packing orders while Wing staffers handle drone operation. The service is meant to deliver groceries in a matter of minutes, making it convenient to stock up on the essentials. 

“The service will provide a convenient and effective way of delivering everyday essentials to our customers’ homes in a matter of minutes,” said James Geddes, Coles Head of Network Development and Customer Delivery. “Whether they’ve forgotten to pick up a loaf of bread or fresh milk during their weekly shop or are missing an ingredient for dinner-time meal prep or school lunches, they can now get those products delivered quickly, without having to drive to the store.” 

In March earlier this year, Coles launched another pilot program where it delivered products from a Wing drone delivery facility in Canberra, where it delivered over 5,000 orders. Additionally, Wing will soon expand its Queensland Coles offering to include deliveries from the rooftop of Grand Plaza in Logan – which Wing has used as a base of operations since last year. Outside of Coles, Wing’s drone delivery service has operated in Australia since 2019. 

Drone deliveries are placed via the Wing app on iOS or Android devices, where you can enter your address and place your order. Once ordered, the drone flies to your location, order in tow, and slowly lowers the delivery to the ground before flying back to its facility. 

It’s a nifty-sounding service for quick purchases and one that might expand further given the major supermarket support. Contactless delivery entered the public consciousness in recent years, so drones seem like a natural extension of the delivery options available. 

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