Colour comes to Sonos as Flexson suits up speakers

If you’re over the shades your Sonos speaker comes in — grey, black, white — and want to add a little more colour, there’s good news if you’re prepared to spend a little.

You don’t have to spend a lot, and it’s not like you’ll be buying a new speaker. Rather, just a skin to stick over the speaker, adding some red, blue, yellow, pink, or purple.

A skin on the Play:5

Called the ColourPlay Skins, they’re a product by Flexson, a company that specialises in accessories for Sonos speakers, which in the past has made brackets and stands for the Sonos line of products.

With this release, the Sonos speakers get a splash of colour, specifically the big Play:5 speaker, the medium Play:3 speaker, and the little Play:1 speaker that we reviewed recently. The skins are made from micro-perforated vinyl, which tells us they should stick to the speaker easily, and unlike a decal, can be removed and reused later on.

A touch of yellow on the dark Play:3

Skin prices come in at $39.95 for the Play:1, $59.95 for the Play:3, and $79.95 for the Play:5, but curiously, the one Sonos product we desperately want to change the colour of is missing in action for having a skin, and that’s the white Sonos Bridge.

The good news is that our pleas for a colour change have been heard (even if you didn’t hear us going ho-hum from GadgetGuy HQ in Sydney), and Flexson will be making a black skin for the Sonos Bridge in the coming months, as well as one for the Sonos Subwoofer that changes the look of that speaker from black to white.