Colourful Samsung Sports Gear arrives

Samsung’s Gear Sport smart watch and Gear IconX earbuds have arrived. In bold colour.

The Gear Sport watch stands out by being swim ready. It’s rated at five atmospheres of water resistance (tech note: each ten metres or so of depth is an additional atmosphere of pressure). The watch has a 1.2 inch Super AMOLED display, covered with robust Corning Gorilla Glass 3.

Don’t panic! Black and grey versions are also available

In addition to the usual smart watch sports tracking capabilities, it includes swim tracking. There’s a newly developed “Speedo On” app “which enables Australians to monitor their swimming progress through synced strokes and lap records”, developed in collaboration with swim wear maker Speedo.

The IconX earbuds are Bluetooth earphones that actually have 3.4GB of storage so you can use them without your phone or music player handy. Samsung says they now feature improved battery life.

The Samsung Gear Sport smart watch is priced at $499, and the Samsung Gear IconX earbuds are priced at $299.