If you don’t want Samsung TouchWiz or Sony’s PlayStation-inspired look, you can kill it, too.

There are even very Apple-inspired designs out there, including Huawei’s EmotionUI and Oppo’s ColorOS, not to mention that many out there you can download and install.


There’s also that keyboard, which iOS has only recently borrowed a page from in letting people replace. For years, Android users have been able to switch out their keyboard for a different software version, and that only appeared in iOS 8.

Many don’t, mind you, but that’s not to say you can’t, and so much of Android is customisable.


You’re not forced to use one web browser as a default, not like you are with iOS. You’re not forced to use a specific messaging or phone app if you don’t want to.

And hey, if you want to replace the default camera with something else, you can go do that, too.

Apple’s iOS lets you run many of these things as separate apps, but the operating system has yet to let you make them default apps. As a point, you can run Google’s Chrome on iOS, but it won’t run natively when you open a link from webmail, while Android I can choose to use Chrome or Firefox or Opera or whatever.


Should you have to?

There’s an argument in the tech community that you shouldn’t have to modify a device or its interface, or even the experience offered, and that it should be ready to go for each use out of the box, good for all.

But this argument comes with a pitfall, and it’s a pretty large caveat: it suggests that every user’s needs are the same, and that we are all going to expect the same experience.

That’s not really true, and what I might want out of a phone could be very different to what my wife wants, or to what my bosses want, the members of my family, and the hundreds upon thousands upon millions of people I’ve never actually met.

It’s certainly true of Ben, because he wants an interface he is familiar with, and an experience he loves and is totally used to, and there is nothing wrong with that.

There is nothing wrong with using any phone because you prefer it over something else.