When Ben says the iPhone is “actually intuitive” and “so much so that you could probably give it to grandma and she’d instantly work out how to use it with ease”, he’s not wrong, because Apple sure makes a intuitive operating system, but it’s not one that will be for everyone.

It’s not totally for me, the control freak that wants to design the way the phone looks, though I do occasionally switch back to an iPhone to see what life is like on the other side.

When Ben says he wants to be known as the “blue iMessage guy again”, I can totally see that argument, too.

Apple offers a fantastically integrated online messaging system with iMessage, and if you’re already using a Mac, an iPad, or an iPhone — or all three, even — and so are your friends, you have a well set-out and highly connected messaging system that let’s you stay online regardless of what device you happen to be carrying with you all the time.

But anyone who knows me is well aware they can reach me on Twitter, Facebook, Google Hangouts, Instagram, Skype, or heaven forbid SMS.

Seriously, it’s not as if there’s a shortage of networks to find me on, and generally Google Hangouts — which you can get through Gmail — is the best way to do it. Or Facebook or Twitter, which is how quite a few people in the industry grab me, since I’m always there, too.

In fact, it’s totally fine that Grubb and I differ, because we’re allowed to, because despite Ben’s attempt at an Android phone being less than a pleasant one, it may well suit others plenty fine out there.

Not using iOS full time in my life certainly suits me fine. At least for now. When Apple starts letting me make the phone more to my liking, then we’ll talk.