Compact cooking for apartments and townhouses


Whirlpool has created a freestanding combination cooking appliance targeting people with compact kitchens: the Ace 600IX, a 60cm eight-function electric oven and ceran cooktop ($2,099 RRP).

The eight-function oven combines with a glass vitroceramic cooktop, housing four ?hi-light? electric zones in a stainless steel cabinet. With a sapphire blue backlit LCD display panel, the controls and oven door handle have been made from stainless steel for durability. The cooktop, which has an electronic ignition system, also contains a residual heat indicator light. Once the surface has cooled, the light disengages, allowing the cooktop to be used as extra bench space.

The oven in the Ace 600IX combination package offers many ways to cook:

  • Static: conventional heat for everyday traditional meals like casseroles;
  • Fan-forced: for everything from crisp cookies to a tender roast;
  • Bottom element with fan: gives cooking an extra boost you need to cook bases of heavy dishes like cakes;
  • Turbo grill: grills food golden brown on the outside while keeping meat succulent on the inside;
  • Half grill: for light toasting or cooking small snacks;
  • Full grill: total full width grilling control for large meals, including steaks;
  • Natural defrost: thaws food quickly without heat.

An ?end of cooking? timer alerts users when a meal is ready and the built-in warming drawer, or storage compartment, means temperate dishes and cookware are conveniently on hand when needed.

Source: Whirlpool