Comsol makes flash breakthrough

Comsol Pty Ltd has expanded its range of flash drives with a model that offers eight gigabytes of storage on a keyring and prices down to $18 for the entry 128 megabyte model.

Housed in the same tough and compact aluminium case as the company?s earlier models, the flashIT2 models now range from 128Mb to an outstanding 8Gb capacity ? the equivalent of over five and a half thousand floppy disks.
Genuinely plug ?n play with no re-booting required, the flashIT2 drives simply plug into a vacant USB, the high-speed (480 Mbps) USB 2.0 connection ensuring that data transfer is virtually instantaneous.

The drives present as just another hard-disk, allowing the read, write and deleting of files in exactly the same as a magnetic disk. And as the drives use durable, solid-state flash memory, there are no moving parts to go wrong and they are completely shockproof.

With no software required, the new drives constitute the simplest and most cost-efficient form of portable storage. They are compatible with both PCs and Macs and have full password security to prevent unauthorised access.
Complete with a neat neckstrap and backed by a two year warranty, the USB 2.0 MicroFlash drives are available from reputable outlets throughout Australia.

Recommended retail prices are: 128MB $18.00; 256MB $22.95; 512MB $24.95;  1GB $27.95; 2GB $49.95; 4GB $119.95; 8GB $199.95.

Source: Comsol Pty Ltd