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The only downside is if the thief smashes the window glass you don’t get an alarm (no magnetic sensor does this).

GadgetGuy’s take – Does what it says and where it stops the PIR motion sensors start

PIR Smart Magnetic Motion Sensor CSH-MAGMOSENS $69

There are two types – the aforesaid smart motion sensor and a motion sensor for $49 that is the same but lacks a magnetic mount.

Connect SmartHome PIR

This looks a little like a golf ball with an eye and attaches magnetically to a screw/adhesive mount. It uses a replaceable 3V CR23A battery that is good for 25000 triggers but being a passive, infrared (PIR) sensor you may use that sooner than you expect.

The best use for this is for areas that may be potential entry points for thieves like picture windows where a Window/Door sensor is easy to bypass. PIR range is in theory up seven metres, but we tested to five before it became erratic.

GadgetGuy’s take – The preferable method of detecting unauthorised motion.

GadgetGuy’s take – Connect SmartHome offers value and certainty

The majority of the products are DYI and in true DIY fashion RTFM, and it will work the first time. We know Laser, and we are sure it has put a lot of effort into testing and support as well as using the bullet-proof TUYA platform.

But we urge you to do a lot of research and think about what level of SmartHome you want.

Wi-Fi is a quick fix and maybe all you need. My opinion is that it is not really part of a longer-term overall smarthome solution with dedicated base stations and controls.