It even states that it is registered with various health funds – sorry that only applies if you go to one of Vision Directs affiliates (it does not own stores) to get a real prescription – not via Lens scanner.

Now we don’t mean to cruel Vision Direct’s global omnichannel, entrepreneurial efforts – Lens Scanner is a cool idea. We just want to make sure it is not misspelt – Lens Scammer.

But caveat emptor – if you use this service and this company remember that a) its not a substitute for a real eye check and prescription and b) it is from an overseas company operating under Hong Kong/China Law, so your Australian rights like ACL likely do not apply.

If Vision Direct Australia wants to sue us for libel, we remind it that by reading the contents of this article it is bound by Australian Libel Law (not Hong Kong) and fair use principals for journalists. We will gladly publish any response – our address is [email protected].