Cookie Monster takes over webpages for a bit of fun

If you’re looking for something fun to start off the week — because sometimes you just need bit of a boost — Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster is here to take control of anything you’re browsing. Because some things are better with googly eyes and blue fur.

Ahead of a television broadcast that people in the US will get and we won’t (sorry, no PBS in Australia), Sesame Street has come up with a neat little time waster to bring a smile to your face and kickstart your week off.

It’s a little thing called “OmNomNomify”, and while it looks a lot like a webpage, it’s actually closer to a small script that you can run on top of any webpage to have Cookie Monster invade and take over what you’re seeing.

For instance, if you run the script on GadgetGuy’s home page, we go from looking like this…

to looking like this:

To make this happen for any website you want, head to and drag the “OmNomNomfy It!” button into your browser’s favourite bar.

After that’s done, simply go to any webpage you want and hit that “OmNomNomify It!” favourite you just made, which won’t change webpage, but will load the neat little script that will replace every image on the page with one of Cookie Monster.

Because some things are better with cookies (biscuits) and monsters.