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Australian summary:

Australians are more tolerant than most. But the Chinese handling of the Coronavirus issue has left a sweet and sour taste in their mouths. Interestingly even the most leftist media a.k.a. Your ABC has toned down for fear of losing its audience – you can’t flog a dead horse! No, it does not pass the pub test – even if the pubs were open. But it is not just in Australia.

There has been a significant upswing in anti-China sentiment in the United States.

For example, many Americans are spurning Apple (once it’s darling) over the fact that 99% of its products are China-made. US President Donald Trump has said that he will not use Apple’s products anymore just because they are not US-made. Many have called the tech war between China and the United States the next Cold War.

Ironically the Chinese are boycotting Apple for being a US company!

We will take an in-depth look into how the Coronavirus has spurred anti-China sentiment. Then, we’ll dive into the economic actions the United States has been taking against China. We will look at the growing exodus of American tech companies from China. And finally, the scary bit – the rise of Chinese hacking and cyber threats that are exploiting the coronavirus pandemic. 

Has Coronaphobia spurred Sinophobia?

The US anti-China sentiment, yellow peril, communist or correctly termed Sinophobia is certainly nothing new. It has existed for hundreds of years. The issue has received significant attention recently thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.

There is no question that COVID-19 virus came from China.

The United States was the first country to impose a ban on Chinese travellers entering the country.

President Trump insists on referring to the Coronavirus as the ‘China virus’. He is entitled to in the vein of how the 1918 flu pandemic was known as the ‘Spanish flu’. 

Sinophobia trump

Debates have waged about whether this anti-China sentiment is justified.

Some argue that the CCP has saved tens of thousands of lives, with Wuhan reporting zero new infections. They even advocate against the narrative of China being at fault for the origin and spreading of COVID-19.

But for most Americans, there is always the question of whether the CCP can be trusted.

The United States government claims it has evidence that links the origin of the Coronavirus to Wuhan. This is contrary to what China has loudly claimed.

Let’s not worry if it came from a bio lab, unsanitary conditions at wet market or consumption of bat soup!


In mid-April, President Trump suspended funding for the World Health Organization (WHO). He initiated a government review of the agency’s response to the pandemic. Trump has heavily criticised WHO, claiming that

  • it downplayed the threat of the virus
  • it pushed misinformation from the CCP
  • and also that it had initially strongly opposed his strict travel restrictions against China.
Sinophobia WHO
WHO has been very bad! I am taking my baseball bat away.

Many media figures heavily derided President Trump’s early decision to suspend Chinese travellers to the USA. It was ‘xenophobic and unnecessary’. Curiously most of those figures have changed their tune after other countries followed and adopted life or death restrictions. 

Petitions signed by millions in countries such as Malaysia and Singapore demanded a ban on any Chinese nationals entry. Gradually the world realised that a causal link existed between Chinese visitors and the virus going global.

But your Australian Government seems intent on allowing Chinese students back in. Money should not talk so loudly. Any local industry propped up by foreign nationals needs closer examination and restructuring.