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The ‘whole of society issue’ is exceptionally worrying. It goes to the roots of its culture. You are against the other 1.7 billion inhabitants, and you must rise above them to survive.

Nicholas Eftimiades, a top Chinese intelligence expert in US intelligence circles, said of the ‘whole of society.’

“China has structured organisational components like the People Liberation Army, the Ministry of State Security and other entities. But the senior leadership in the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China encourage espionage.”

In other words, it is ingrained behaviour on a national level.

Many of the Chinese spies provide information to protect loved ones at home. China relentlessly uses social media and other resources. Its aim is to find, bribe, entice, employ and indoctrinate foreigners with national security and intelligence backgrounds.

GadgetGuy’s US Take – The China-virus pandemic is not just a global health risk or an economic catastrophe. It is sinophobia as well!

Coronavirus is that big red ‘reset’ button that everyone knew not to push! Shame those instructions were not in Chinese.

As of 14 May, it has infected 4.5 million, killed 300,000 (85,000 in the US alone). It has done untold social and economic damage. Mainly to the western countries where democracy rules.

The US rightly claims this pandemic was containable. China only needed to be open and honest instead of covering its arse (saving face). Well, China did that with SARS too, and nothing will change!

The average US citizen now quietly believes that Coronavirus could be a China plot to bring down the West.

The questions to answer include

  • Do we trust the CCP is honest about COVID figures? No
  • Has the way the CCP retaliation (trade threats and aggressive posturing) been in the spirit of global friendship? No
  • Would earlier notification have slowed or stopped the spread? Yes
  • Will Trump’s economic actions against China be effective? Probably, if he wins the next election
  • Are American’s right to avoid everything China made? Yes, if there are alternatives even at higher prices
  • Should American tech companies reduce their dependence on China? Yes – if they want to keep their Western market share and goodwill, more worrying to protect their IP.
  • Can we make America great again and stop importing so much from a declared adversary? Yes, with a lot of short-term pain for long-term gain.
  • Should we pursue the East/West divide again until the world becomes a better place? After all the East/West political posturing goes away there needs to be honesty and co-operation or the divide will widen. Let’s hope common sense prevails.

Sinophobia, sinophobia, sinophobia, sinophobia, sinophobia, sinophobia,