Coros HR Monitor tracks your exercise via a comfy armband

Coros HR Monitor

Coros, a brand known for making high-end sports performance gear, has launched its HR Monitor accessory to more accurately track your exercise.

You might think of a heart rate monitor and the clumsy chest strap comes to mind. Or the fact that many modern smartwatches have in-built trackers included. However, the Coros HR Monitor operates a bit differently. There’s no chest strap involved whatsoever. Instead, it takes the form of an armband you can adjust to fit comfortably.

According to the company responsible, it’s a “superior alternative to the traditional chest strap” due to the band’s convenience and reduced chance of tracker interference. Other companies have also opted for the armband approach in recent years, including the Polar Verity Sense.

How does the Coros HR Monitor work?

Armed (no pun intended) with a multi-channel optical sensor, the HR Monitor uses five LED lights with four photodetectors to accurately measure your heart rate. Coros claims that the arm provides more accurate data than the wrist-based technology used by the likes of the Apple Watch or Galaxy Watch devices. The company claims this is because there is more deep tissue the further up your arm, providing optical sensors with more blood flow to accurately measure your heart rate.

Another neat benefit to the armband is that the Coros HR Monitor powers on and off when you wear it and take it off. This helps maximise its 38 hours of active use, which lasts up to 80 days when left in standby mode.

Coros HR Monitor unboxed
Here’s what you get in the box.

Made from a soft fabric, the Coros HR Monitor lets you adjust a buckle for the best fit so that it sits snugly while you exercise. Plus, the device is platform agnostic, meaning that you can connect it to Coros devices like the Apex 2 Pro or any number of other brands’ gear using Bluetooth. This includes other watches in addition to other compatible machines that record training data. The armband also functions as a standalone device, storing data for syncing to other devices later.


Total Weight19g
Unit Weight9.7g
Dimensions42.5 x 28.4 x 9.9mm
Optical Heart Rate Hardware5 LED lights with 4 Photodetectors
Band Circumference7.09-12.6 inches
Wearing PositionArm
Armband materialPolyester Fiber, Nylon, Spandex
Battery lifeRecording Activities: 38 hours // Standby: 80 days
Waterproof grade3 ATM
Temperature RatingsWorking temperature: -20° C~ 50° C (-4° F~ 122° F)
Charging temperature: 0° C~ 45° C (32° F~ 133° F)
ChargingStandard magnetic USB charging cable
Estimated charging time: 2 hours
Wireless connectionBluetooth
Supports simultaneous connection of 3 devices

Coros HR Monitor release date and price

Out now in the US and China, Coros’ latest fitness device is due out in the rest of the world, including Australia, by mid-September 2023. Overseas, it retails for US$79. We’ll have a clearer idea of local pricing closer to its release here but expect it to be around the $130 mark.

If you’re serious about your workouts and want accurate heart rate data, but hate chest straps, the Coros HR Monitor promises to be a far more comfortable solution.

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