Cosmic Watch

Cosmic Watch is a virtual planetarium app – explore the stars

Cosmic Watch is for everyone who loves the planet earth and wants to unlock the secrets of the celestial vault.

It is a must-have app for nature lovers and outdoor adventures, amateur astronomers and advanced stargazers, professional astronomers, clock fans, science fiction geeks.

You can explore the constellations, stars, and planets in your sky right now! Use Augmented reality to travel to the past, present and future and see how time is related to the movements of the solar system.

Cosmic Watch provides real-time visualisations of your position in the cosmos. It calculates important astronomical events, so you never miss the next cosmic phenomena.

Cosmic Watch is a low-cost app (about US$4) for Android and iOS.

It is a labour of love by a dedicated team based in Zurich. Eduardo Santana said

“As a child, I used to stargaze for hours wondering about all the little shiny stars. I was curious why the moon was sometimes there and at other times on another side. I wanted to understand, but it was not that easy since we observe the sky from the rotating earth’s surface. To figure out all these simultaneous and imperceptible rotations is a challenge.”

“Cosmic Watch helps to understand how humankind started to measure time by observing the cycles of the cosmos. It reminds us that we all live together on a planet peacefully floating in space spinning every day and orbiting the sun. I hope the COSMIC WATCH helps to remember the beauty and the wonders of creation.”

Cosmic Watch is a state-of-the-art tool for:

  • Professional and amateur Astronomers (telescope users and astrophotography): using the Cosmic Watch as your clock you will constantly have an overview of the sky, knowing when to observe the celestial bodies.
  • Astronomy teachers: visualise many of the basic astronomy concepts.
  • Everyone interested on the sky: understand the motions of the sky.
  • Timekeeping lovers: the Cosmic Watch is the most beautiful astronomical clock of the digital era
  • Astrologers and interested in astrology: have a beautiful astral chart for each moment.
  • Celestial Navigation: pilots, sailors and ship captains. It’s the modern armillary sphere.
  • Space and Sci-fi lovers: if you love space you will love the Cosmic Watch
Cosmic Watch

It could be the start of something big. At the very least its worth a US$4 donation for the app. Website here.