Costa Concordia goes up for sale on eBay Australia

By now, everyone has probably heard the story of the Costa Concordia cruise liner running aground near Italy. Now, the ship has gone online for sale at eBay. Any takers?

“For sale, one cruise ship slight damage to right hand hull, mainly cosmetic,” says the page for the Costa Concordia, lying on its side off the coast of Italy in the Tyrrhenian Sea. “Some water damage to interior, carpets may need to be replaced.”

The auction went online days ago, but is now attracting attention, spreading like a viral campaign through the Internet.

At the time of publishing, the bid had reached just over a thousand dollars, though we don’t think it will be long until eBay pulls the auction down, even though the seller points out that the ad is a fake.

In anticipation of its imminent disappearance, we’ve reproduced here a snapshot of the bidding page  – showing questions asked  of the seller – for your reference and enjoyment.