Crash Cam gets GPS: know where your car was hit

No one wants to be involved in a car accident, but an update to a product released earlier this year not only makes it so that you have a video of what happens, you know exactly where it happened.

Released this week by Laser, the Navig8r Crash Cam GPS refreshes the original video camera black box by adding access to a global positioning system, providing our latitude, longitude, altitude, and actual speed in the event something bad happens. The information and images can then be used in conjunction with Google Maps, making it incredibly easy to pinpoint the place an accident occurred.

Just like the $99 Crash Cam, the GPS-enabled model can record videos in 720p HD to a microSD. It does, however, come with a slightly larger price tag, tacking on $100 more ($199.95 RRP) for the pleasure of making sure a satellite knows exactly where you are if you’re hit.