Create a connected home, from the living room

With its all-in-one design, the slimline HP TouchSmart IQ500 Series PC is a computer you want to show off rather than hide away. The ultimate lifestyle PC, it fits stylishly into any living area, sharing entertainment around the house over a wireless home network.

The TouchSmart’s integrated PC and 22 inch (56 cm) high definition monitor mean it’s made to be seen and used wherever life happens – whether that’s in the living room, kitchen or a bedroom.

Setting one up is as simple as plugging the power cable into a wall. Using the TouchSmart is just as easy, thanks to the next-generation touch-sensitive screen and a suite of innovative HP software programs that make the computer accessible for family members of all ages.

Entertainment central

The TouchSmart puts the latest technology – and your digital life – literally at your fingertips. Flip through and zoom-in digital photos or call up movies, music, video clips and HDTV broadcasts with a tap of a finger or the swipe of a hand. Whatever you choose to watch, and whenever you choose to watch it, it will look stunning on the crystal-clear high definition screen and sound great through the premium stereo speakers.

The TouchSmart PC is also perfect for staying in contact with family and friends. Leave handwritten notes and share family schedules on the screen, or simply chat online using the built-in webcam and microphone. You’ll soon see why the TouchSmart PC is the friendliest computer ever made.

With a broadband internet connection, the TouchSmart PC is your window to the world wide web. Load favourite websites and check the weather report instantly, download recipes or make restaurant bookings online, and plan holidays with the family, do your banking and go shopping from the kitchen table.

The TouchSmart uses the latest wireless technology to become a part of your digital home, sharing content with other computers around the house – an HP Pavilion Elite m9300 Series PC in the study, for example – and shared peripherals such as printers.

HP-TouchSmart-IQ500-side....Power and reliability

Fast Intel Core 2 Duo processors ensure the TouchSmart can cope with any tasks you demand of it, from burning DVD discs with your photo slideshows to uploading your own video clips to YouTube. Preloaded software specifically designed for use with the touchscreen sits on top of the Windows Vista operating system, which is available to handle all standard computing operations, so you get the best of all worlds.

The sleek, piano black finish and tilting screen means the TouchSmart PC looks more like a TV set than a traditional PC, but when you want to do some serious work, a wireless keyboard and mouse are on hand, allowing you to do everything with the TouchSmart PC you can do on a regular computer.

Add in the peace of mind you get from HP reliability, service and an onsite warranty and you’ll see why the HP TouchSmart IQ500 Series PC is the perfect partner for a connected home. It’s the computer as you’ve never felt it before.