Create a connected home, from the study

Almost any PC can get you online to check your email. But to enjoy the most that the digital revolution has to offer, you need a high performance computer that can do it all – and become the hub of a digital home.

The HP Pavilion Elite m9300 Series PCs have everything you need for both work and play. Set one up in your study or a spare bedroom and you can use it as an entertainment engine for your entire house.

All three models in the m9300 Series (from the $1,300 m9370 to $2,800 M9390) come preloaded with all the software you would expect, so you can start enjoying everything they have to offer right out of the box. They also have power to spare, each with an Intel Quad Core processor inside.

That grunt goes to work where it’s needed most, delivering the best in high definition entertainment and computer gaming. The m9300 Series PCs have built-in HDTV tuners so you can watch and record your favourite television shows in high definition, as well as built-in Blu-ray drives that enable you to play the latest movies with stunning Full HD pictures and crystal clear digital sound.

The newest digital HDMI connections ensure every drop of that video quality can be seen up on screen – in this case HDMI-equipped high resolution LCD monitors. The fast response time of these displays ensures blur-free pictures even when watching sports or action movies using the wireless remote control.

The powerful chips and slick monitors also make the m9300 Series perfect for PC gaming, from intriguing strategy games to ultra-realistic flight simulators. The m9300 Series pack cutting edge nVidia GeForce graphics cards, too, capable of handling any game you throw at them.

HP Pavilion Elite m9000 desktop computer

Room to grow

The m9300 Series is almost infinitely expandable, so you can upgrade the graphics card in the future to stay on the cutting edge. The same goes for storage, allowing you to turn your PC into a central storage location for your digital home – and life.

The m9300 Series comes with up to one terabyte of internal storage from its two hard drive bays – enough space for tens of thousands of digital photos, music files and high defintion movies. Even more storage is offered by optional HP Personal Media Drives and Pocket Media Drives, which slot ergonomically into bays located on the front of the case. Also on the front of the chassis is a button that offers one-touch HP Easy Backup, so you can back-up all your memories and files in an instant for complete peace of mind.

When it comes to memories, the m9300 Series is more than just a giant virtual shoebox for your digital photos, however. It makes managing and editing your pictures with the bundled HP software a breeze, too. A built-in 15-in-1 memory card reader with infrared accepts any type of memory card, allowing you to transfer images and videos from your camera – or even a mobile phone – to your desktop in an instant.

Once you’ve edited your photos and organised them into digital albums, you can copy them to CD or DVD discs and create custom labels with HP software or even etch a picture and text into the shiny surface of the disc using HP Lightscribe technology.

Well connected

The m9300 has peerless connectivity options, including an innovative Universal Technology Pad that helps to reduce desktop clutter and keep cables in check by offering a place to put peripherals such as music players and digital cameras.

As with the HP TouchSmart IQ500 Series PC, wireless 802.11b/g technology allows you to share all the content stored on your m9300 PC around the home. The Windows Vista-powered computer can connect to an HP Media Center Extender or Xbox 360 games console over a wireless home network, so you can enjoy music, movies and photos in your living room, or anywhere in the house you choose.

Offering the best in digital entertainment, photography and gaming, with the HP Pavilion Elite m9300 Series PCs entertainment comes to life.