Creative Inspire T6160 speaker system – multi-channel surround sound

The Creative Inspire T6160 is a 5.1 channel speaker system, providing surround sound ideal for games and movies.

Unlike conventional speakers, the front baffle of each satellite speaker features the Creative IFP that employs a gentle flare around the driver, improving its efficiency and directivity without affecting the tonal balance. As a result, users get to enjoy accurate 5.1 positional audio for games and movies, evoking a sense of realism like no other.

The aural experience is enhanced by other features such as the Creative Phase Cap, a bullet-shaped extension that improves driver performance by deflecting delicate mid-range frequencies away from the path of higher frequencies, minimising distortion. This important feature grants users the ability to single out specific frequencies within multi-layered sound fonts common in games, empowering users to pick out dialogue embedded among high-octane explosions and gunfire. The subwoofer, with a long-throw down firing 5.25″ driver, completes the overall experience by delivering rich and impactful bass.

Key features

  • 5.1 channel speaker system designed for immersive multi-channel surround sound
  • Creative IFP for satellites delivers better sonic directivity and imaging
  • Creative Phase Cap for improved high frequency dispersion ideal for digital surround movies and games
  • Subwoofer features a large, flared port tube for clean bass with adjustable bass control
  • Easy-access volume and power control via wired remote control provides greater convenience

Price and availability

The Creative Inspire T6160 will be available in mid-September, for an RRP of $129.95.