Crest Earth Smart – make a difference to your gadget-induced carbon footprint

Ideal for: The environmentally conscious, saving money on electricity, protecting expensive AV gear

Price: $249.95

More info:

Thanks to recent focus on big issues like climate change and carbon footprints, 2008 could be the first Christmas ever where giving a surge protector as a gift could make someone happy.

As all AV enthusiasts know and regret, even when your TV is switched off it consumes standby power while connected to the wall.

The Earth Smart board uses clever electronics to detect when a device is in standby mode, and dramatically reduces the amount of electricity consumed. Crest says it can cut a 20-60 watt draw down to as little as 0.4 watts!

Naturally there’s surge protection as well, so your $20,000 rack of AV gear won’t blow all its fuses the next time the transformer in the street explodes.

And the icing on the cake with the Earth Smart board is that it has been built carbon neutral. The product is currently being assessed by the Carbon Reduction Institute, so by the time you get one it will be certified good for the planet.


Maximum Spike current (AMPS): 144,000 amps; Spike current is measured by amperage. A higher amperage reflects greater absorption capacity against a sudden dramatic power spike.
Maximum Surge (joules): 3,672 joules: a higher joule rating reflects a greater absorption of a surge in energy.
Unlimited Connected Equipment Warranty: Should any connected equipment be damaged from a power disturbance, Crest will repair or replace the equipment that was properly connected to your Earth Smart power board.