Cricut Autopress automates creative homemade heat transfer projects

Cricut Autopress heat transferring device

Whether it’s custom shirt designs or woodwork art, the recently released Cricut Autopress device promises low-effort, high-quality heat transferring for your creative projects.

A heat press designed for small businesses and at-home creatives, the Cricut Autopress provides a simple and safe way of transferring your designs to a range of materials. Among the examples listed on the Cricut website you can press designs onto are custom tote bags, notebooks, and sports jerseys.

Capable of reaching up to 205 degrees Celsius, the heat press uses ceramic-coated plates that automatically adjust the required pressure for materials up to five centimetres thick. According to Cricut, two fingers is all it takes to close the machine, with the pressure taken care of. Different projects need different temperatures, with a control pod allowing for precise time and heat settings, so you get consistency when working with a batch of items. The Cricut Autopress even automatically opens when finished, and there’s an auto-off safety feature in case you forget to turn it off. 

If you’re unsure which settings to use, the new Cricut Heat App on iOS and Android comes in to help. It includes information about various heat press projects, eliminating any guesswork. The app lists the supplies needed for projects and provides specific instructions, including ideal temperature and time settings. Made for creatives, Nicola Dow-Smith, ANZ Region Director at Cricut, explained that the Cricut Autopress – along with the brand’s smart cutting machines – can be used for all manner of projects.

“From at-home makers to those using Cricut for a side hustle or business, these products were made to support our talented creative community, whether their pursuits are for making for friends and family or for generating income from customising,” said Dow-Smith.

Locally, the Cricut Autopress is available at Harvey Norman stores for $1,699. Its automatic features and companion app sound helpful, regardless of whether you’re a seasoned artisan or someone needing a way to customise shirts on the regular.

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