CROSSRAY tech combines gas and infrared for better BBQs

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CROSSRAY is a new slant on a gas BBQ that gives the intensity of cooking over hot coals with the convenience of gas.

CROSSRAY is the result of 10 years of research. A BBQ that can provide controllable, even heat from 110°C to almost 400°C, while using 50% less gas than a conventional BBQ.

What is a CROSSRAY?

Australian website here

The patented CROSSRAY system uses infrared burners mounted on both sides of the chassis, angled up at the cooking surface. Because the burners are infrared, they perform better than a traditional open flame burner.

Infrared heat penetrates the food, cooking it from the inside out, locking in the moisture and enhancing the flavour. An open flame simply sears the outside and cooks inwards. It just heats the air around it – ultimately drying out your food.

Infrared burners are also more efficient and cook faster than traditional burners. So, your food is ready sooner, and you use less gas. And because the burners are not directly beneath the cooking surface, fat and juices drain harmlessly away, reducing smoke and virtually eliminating the flare-ups that char your food, leaving the inside uncooked.

CROSSRAY from low and slow to a hot and fast pizza oven

  • Low and slow for delicate vegetables, fish and white meat.
  • It can be an outdoor oven for bread and roast meats with the hood down (it has an oven temperature gauge).
  • You can get a wood smoker tray too and produce home smokes meats and ribs.
  • It can act as a pizza oven ramping the temperature up to 380°.
  • Or slap juicy slabs of steaks and vegetable right on the grill.

What I like most is that cleaning is easy – a small removable drip tray and cast-iron grill plates.


Range  (includes stainless steel hood and shelf)

Two or four burners without (built-in) or with a trolley. Prices are $1199/1699 and $1499/1999.

Easily converted to natural gas. Black enamel plate option instead of one grill plate.


Harvey Norman and specialist BBQ retailers

GadgetGuy’s take. No CROSSRAY is not me after I burn the family BBQ.

Like most sensitive new age males that like to cook, I like using a BBQ. I have a Webber Q family unit for a few years that is great for roasts but only works with the hood closed. Where is the fun in that?

It takes a lot of getting used to hood down cooking. With Webber you pre-heat, pull back the temperature, put the stuff in, close the hood and come back later to a perfect roast.

I have been cooking over hot coals (figuratively speaking) for 40+ years. I do a pretty good BBQ, but I have always wanted more. The CROSSRAY offers so much flexibility from a standard BBQ to a pizza oven and everything in between.

One advantage of the Webber was its running cost is about 30% of a traditional two burner BBQ. CROSSRAY state its four burner model is about 50% more efficient.

Price – well it is a premium product but pretty comparable to other signature brands that don’t offer as much.