Cuisinart Mini Prep Processor

If, like us, you hate hauling the food processor out of the cupboard and then fitting all the bits together before using it, you’ll be happy to see the trend towards the compact food processor.

The Cuisinart Mini Prep Processor manages to pack a lot of punch into its small body. It has two blades – a sharp one for chopping and mincing soft foods such as tomatoes, onions, garlic, fruit or herbs, and a blunter grind blade for processing hard foods such as nuts and coffee beans, or for grinding spices or making breadcrumbs.

The lid has a small opening for pouring oils while the machine is running (for making mayonnaise for example), and despite the processor’s modest size it sports a 700 ml (3 cup) removable bowl, which fits easily into the dishwasher.

The touchpad controls makes it easy to wipe clean and the overall size is small enough to let it live on the benchtop without hogging too much space.

The Cuisinart Mini Prep Processor is available in two colours, silver grey and white.

While it can’t do everything a larger processor can, this little guy will certainly save preparation time, leaving you more time to enjoy with family and friends.

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