Cyber Clean fights the good fight against keyboard gunk

Neat freaks and people who eat lunch hunched over a keyboard might like to take a look at Cyber Clean. It’s like Playdoh for the IT crowd. Sure, you can make shapes with it in a quiet moment, or squeeze the life out of it in a stressful moment, but its true purpose is to get in and clean all the dirt, grime and crumbs on and in your keyboard.

Not to be alarmist, but one UK scientist found that “the average computer keyboard or mobile phone keypad has more germs then a toilet seat”. Now to me that perhaps says more about the English, together with a little fear-mongering, but there’s no doubt that keyboards can gather their fair share of gunk.

Cyber Clean Home and Office version is available in two pack sizes, 75 gram and 135 gram, selling for $6.95 and $9.95 respectively. Also available is a version for automobiles – same sizes, same prices, but the version for automobiles is blue rather than yellow. Cyber Clean is available from Supercheap Auto, Kmart, Newslink and various electronic stores. You’ll get 75 uses of Cyber Clean before you need to discard and buy a new pack.

A word of warning, as someone here found out when they took the stuff home. Do not place Cyber Clean in direct sunlight, as it will liquify, and can leak from the container. It’s on the box in small print on the back, so it could easily be missed.