Cycling with an iPhone: there’s a kit for that

Your world is generally on your phone, and if you’re travelling anywhere, whether it be for fitness or anything else, you’re likely to bring it with you. So now cyclists don’t have to go about scrambling for a place to store an iPhone when they’re riding, with a new kit to lock that smartphone in place.

Designed to be light and strong, the Quad Lock is a specialty kit that can keep an iPhone 5 locked to the centre of a bicycle’s handlebar, with a mount and casing that locks in place with a firm system that also comes with a weather resistant cover.

“Many of our customers are seeking a way to use various iPhone apps whilst riding like Google Maps, Strava, Roadbike or Garmin Fit, but have them visible rather than stuffed in a pocket or back of a jersey,” said Rob Ward, Co-founder of Annex Products, the Australian company responsible for designing the Quad Lock iPhone 5 kit.

“Our customers and fans have been asking for this product since the launch of the iPhone 5, and after rigorous design and testing, we’ve created the best bike mount system available for iPhone 5.”

The kit sells online for roughly $70 and comes with all the necessary hardware, except of course the bike, which customers will need to bring themselves.