CyFi wireless speaker – cycling with tunes and calls

Developed by a Las Los Angeles entrepreneur who wanted a safe way to cycle, listen to music and make phones calls at the same time (now that’s sooo LA), CyFi is a compact speaker and speakerphone that attaches to a bike stem and connects over Bluetooth to just about MP3 player or phone you might be carrying in your pocket.

CyFi wireless speakerThe player or phone needs to support A2DP, the latest stereo wireless standard, and for maximum safety when making calls, connected phones should support voice recognition. An iPod adaptor also lets you listen to and share your favourite tunes wirelessly when your get off the bike.

With 6 hours of battery life, track, volume and playlist settings, plus a remote control, the compact and water resistant CyFi will, according to its distributors, appeal to bushwalkers, boaties and campers as well as cyclists.

Price and availability

The CyFi has an RRP of $349.95, and is available for purchase from the CyFi website (link opens in new window).

CyFi wireless speaker