Cygnett goes Qi – “If its good enough for iPhone its good enough for us!”

Aussie owned accessory maker Cygnet has released two Qi (pronounced Chee) wireless charging devices that will suit the new iPhone 8, Plus and X. They also work on Qi wireless enabled Android smartphones.

They are a charge desktop plate and a magnetic mount dash car charger.

Gadget Guy is a bit of an aficionado of Qi – I have Laser’s fantastic bedside Qi Alarm Clock , and charge pads on my desk at work, at home, in the car – everywhere. I love QI as its kinder to the battery delivering intelligent charging – only what is needed. There are a few wireless standards all compatible with Qi.

First, is a 5W charger that puts out 5V/1.5A (total 7.5W but there is a 75% efficiency with Qi) and that will slow charge most USB smartphones at around 50% of a cable-based charge.

Next, there is the Qualcomm Quick Charge that puts out higher amperage or dual voltages to perform a faster charge. A version of this is Samsung’s Fast charge that delivers both 5V/2A and/or 9V/1.67A – typically called a 10W Qi and about 25% slower than a cable charge.

Then there is the latest 15W superfast that is as fast as if you were using the Lightning or USB-C charger.

All Qi chargers need to be within 3mm of the device so thicker cases can be an issue.

Cygnett Magnetic Vent Wireless Charger and Mount

It clips onto the air vent using a pair of gentle but firm silicon non-slip ‘claws” that are suitable for all but the flimsiest vent.

A self-adhesive magnetic ring is affixed to the back of the smartphone (thick cases cannot be used) to attach the phone to the charging plate.

A 1-metre USB-A to micro-USB cable is supplied, but you must provide a cigarette style car charger if you don’t have a handy USB port.

Total output (if using a 5V/2A input) is 5V/1.5A or 7.5W.

Price $89.95 with free shipping.

Gadget Guy’s take

It works as promised, but you should consider if you want a vent mounted charge plate or the more traditional suction cup on the windscreen. You also need to consider if you can use a magnetic ring or you prefer a more traditional spring-loaded clamp system.

Cygnett Wireless Desk Charger (white)

This is a very slim ‘coaster’ style pad that supports Qualcomm quick charge if you use a 5V/2A and 9V/1.67A 10W USB charger.

It comes with a white USB-A to micro-USB cable, and you use your original smartphone charger or buy a spare.

Gadget Guy’s take

I like the visual light cues to ensure the phone is correctly placed – a beautiful orange circle turns blue when the charge coils are aligned. It’s also more elegant than many charge plates.

I tested it with a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus fitted with the Samsung Flip cover, and it charged correctly delivering fast charging in the same time as the genuine Samsung charger.

Price: $79.95 with free shipping.