D-Link adds range to home WiFi and helps audio at the same time

Limited wireless range is often one of the biggest complaints people have about having a wireless network at home, but while a range extender can help, D-Link is hoping to improve on the category by making the range extender a musical addition.

Launching shortly, D-Link’s WiFi Audio Extender takes the concept of a wireless range extender and provides another reason to add one to your home, with the lure of wireless sound. While one side of the accessory takes its power from a wall power point, the other side is a two part solution, building in an 802.11n range booster and WiFi DLNA streamer, with a 3.5mm headset jack waiting to be used.

You’ll need a speaker or an amp if you want to make use of this, with a regular 3.5mm speaker cable (commonly the ones used on headphones with detachable cables) connecting from the WiFi Audio Extender to the speaker, but once it’s connected, the system can be controlled by an app on Android or iOS connecting to the device just as it would through either DLNA or Apple AirPlay.

Network range is also improved throughout the home, provided this sits at a middle point, boosting speeds with as much as 300Mbps on the 802.11n technology.

But with a middle point location for the network and a way of plugging in a speaker, the WiFi Audio Extender can also act as a form of multi-room audio if enough of them are in the home, similar to the sorts of systems employed by Sonos and Samsung.

Pricing for the D-Link WiFi Audio Extender is set to $79.95, with availability at electronics stockists across the country now.