D-Link delivers faster WiFi to remote cameras

Ever since router companies started getting into home security, we wondered when the cameras would catch up with WiFi speeds. It seems that day has finally arrived.

This week, D-Link has announced that it will be one of the first companies to make a camera that sends its pictures along at the same super-fast WiFi speeds as modern highly spec’d WiFi routers, or 802.11ac for those playing at home.

More than just a faster connection speed, the 802.11ac support of D-Link’s DCS-395L HD WiFi camera also likely means a longer distance between cameras, as 802.11ac tends to provide stronger wireless networking coverage as it travels throughout a home or office.


“For home owners and renters looking for a DIY home security solution, our HD Wi-Fi cameras are a great fit and allow users to avoid the additional cost of installations, contracts or subscriptions,” said Graeme Reardon, D-Link’s Managing Director for the company in the Australia and New Zealand region.

“Our newest HD Wi-Fi camera delivers faster 11AC Wi-Fi connectivity so users can place them further from the router with a faster connection, making it more flexible for placing cameras where surveillance is needed.”


We haven’t played with a D-Link WiFi camera for some time, but we’re told this new series supports night vision for shooting in low light, microUSB power to make it a little easier to plug in and even to bring your own super long plug ports, and an app that makes setup and monitoring easy.

The camera itself features a 78 degree horizontal field of view, support for 720p HD video, and will connect to routers supporting 802.11ac if you have one.

And if you have one, you’ll find these little cameras in stores shortly for a recommended retail price of $149.95 each.