It is not for video or music steaming unless you can afford huge data bills.

However, and we must take some points off as it is not like the press release states, “Superb Speeds – you can quickly create a high-speed wireless network at home”. This is a personal and small apartment device.


We won’t be reviewing this device as we know enough about 4G LTE routers to know what it does and does not do. Our strongest advice is to buy it on the condition that you can test it in your home/workplace and return it if it does not perform as you expect.

Our assessment is that hardware is at least 4/5, and all other caveats reduce it from there.


  • D-Link quality and support
  • Ready to go with a data SIM from Telstra or Optus


  • Not a powerful router – for smaller areas only
  • 4G LTE depends on Telstra or Optus data SIM
  • Expensive data costs


Telstra has an HTC 4/5G modem that has similar characteristics.