D-Link gives parents an eye on the bub with a WiFi baby camera

Parents worried about their babies can keep a close eye on what the little ones are doing at all hours with a new camera that talks to Android and iOS devices.

Designed to work at day or night, and work with iPhones, iPads, and Android devices, the D-Link WiFi Baby Camera DCS-825L is a new camera that can be setup in the room of a child and broadcast a high definition (HD) video of what’s happening to a device either inside the home network, or outside.

“Caring for a new baby is one of life’s great joys, but it can sometimes be overwhelming,” said Graeme Reardon, Regional Director of D-Link in Australia and New Zealand.

“The D-Link Wi-Fi Baby Camera comes with lots of great tools to help parents look after their baby’s needs from anywhere and take some of the stress out of baby care.”

Installation is said to be very easy, and D-Link is including sensors in the camera to track extra information about the environment, including the temperature in the room, if motion is detected, and sound.

A speaker is also included in the camera for two-way communication, so parents can talk to their child from afar and through the camera, or even activate one of five lullabies programmed in the camera.

Connecting to the camera can be handled through the “mydlink Baby” application, which is available through the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store on Android, with streaming video support and control handled while you’re either at home or out and about.

Pricing for the camera (DCS-825L) is set to a recommended retail price of $249.95, with availability across Australia now.