D-Link has your covered with Covr C-1203 mesh Wi-Fi

ovr C-1203

D-Link’s Covr C-1203 provides a seamless, mesh Wi-Fi solution for home or small business. Just add more Covr units to increase coverage.

The Covr C-1203 Seamless Wi-Fi System (COVR-C1203) provides a MU-MIMO wireless mesh network. Featuring a fashion design that blends into any décor. Like all mesh systems, it has Smart Roaming for seamless connections and Smart Steering to guide devices to the optimum wireless band.

D-Link ANZ MD Graeme Reardon said, “If you want seamless Wi-Fi all around your home, then look to Covr. Easy to install and brimming with smarts inside. This clever solution gives users a Multi-User MIMO (MU-MIMO) mesh networking solution, making streaming on multiple devices all around the home a breeze.”

The Covr C-1203 Seamless Wi-Fi System features

  • MU-MIMO 2×3 internal antenna configuration
  • Wi-Fi AC speeds of up to 1200 Mbps
  • The three pack will cover up to 465 square metres
  • Each has two Gigabit Ethernet ports per unit for wired connectivity
  • Enough bandwidth for multiple devices for gaming and HD streaming
  • Smart Roaming continually scans the wireless signal strength to your devices, automatically connecting them to the strongest signal available.
  • The entire home is covered by a single Wi-Fi network using a single network name (SSID)
  • Easy Setup: The free D-Link Wi-Fi app allows for easy setup and management
  • Firmware Update Push Notifications
  • COVR Changeable Colour Plates: Includes three Rose Gold, one Ocean Blue and one Gold Covr plate to match any home’s décor
  • Warranty: Includes D-Link’s industry-leading warranty, customer service and support.

Pricing and Availability Covr C-1203

Available now at www.dlink.com.au for A$449.95.

GadgetGuy’s take – Covr C-1203 mesh is good for the right home

GadgtGuy has written a brief tutorial on Mesh Wi-Fi, and there are advantages of whole of home Wi-Fi and one SSID.

But you need to know what you are buying – mesh is not a well-defined term.

This Covr C1203 is essentially a Wi-Fi AC 1200 router and two (or more) Wi-Fi AC 1200 expanders.

Covr C-1203First, you must have an existing DSL/VDSL/NBN/Cable gateway to connect to. It may be a Wi-fi modem router as well – you can turn off its Wi-Fi.

The Covr dual-band router transmits 300Mb/s on the 2.4GHz band and 866Mb/s on the 5Ghz band to the extenders. These, in turn, retransmit the dual-band less any overheads (like speed loss from the main router to the extenders). Devices connecting to the router or expanders share AC1200 (1,166Mb/s) accordingly.

So, while it extends the range, you will only get a share of the available bandwidth. For most uses that is fine as your internet speed is from a few Mbs to a maximum of 100Mb/s.

The units don’t have a dedicated 5GHz (866MB/s) backhaul that tri-band routers and associated mesh extenders have. But they do have Gigabit Ethernet ports that if connected provide dedicated front and backhaul.

D-Link has a Covr 2202 tri-band, but it is not in Australia yet.