D-Link makes TVs out of Android phones and tablets

Video-on-demand may be gradually impeding the world of broadcast TV, but many of us still switch on every night, and with a new gadget on the way, we might even be able to do it from any place we have our phones and tablets.

The gadget we’re referring to is called the D-Link Portable Digital TV Receiver (DSM-T100), and the name practically gives everything away, with D-Link producing a pint-sized TV tuner for Android phones and tablets.

It appears to be very small, and is barely bigger than the microUSB port extruding from its casing, with a port on the opposite side for an antenna.

Two of these antenna connections are included in the box, with a loop antenna that is basically a small plastic look for you to use when you’re out and about (think the bus), while an F-Type antenna converter is also there if you want to plug the portable receiver into your home’s antenna connection.

An app is required, but this is free, and doesn’t rely on data downloads, letting you watch digital broadcasts without needing to downloading the feed from the networks and taking up mobile broadband usage.

We’re told there’s an Electronic Program Guide (EPG) included, as well as time shifting and broadcast recording straight to the Android phone or tablet, though there is no Chromecast support at this time, which seems a bit of a shame, especially when you consider that this combined with a Chromecast might stop someone from needing to plug the TV in somewhere, or even buying one to begin with.

Pricing at least doesn’t seem overly aggressive, with D-Link’s Portable Digital TV Receiver hitting Australian shelves shortly for $49.95.

You will need an Android phone or tablet with a microUSB charge port to make this work (some Android tablets didn’t rely on this port, so please check), but if you have one and you’re running Android 4.2 “Jelly Bean” and above, you’re sorted for compatibility.