D-Link Omna security cameras have a hub to solve Wi-Fi network congestion


As we get more, smarter devices they all share the Wi-Fi home network and it can get congested. The D-Link Omna DCS-2800LH security cameras have their own hub to solve Wi-Fi network congestion.

It is simple. Place a small, smart Ethernet connected hub between the cameras and the router. Do all the necessary local processing on the hub including communications with the cameras, local micro-SD storage (up to V3.01) or via a USB 2.0 port Flash Drive/SSD/HDD storage (if voltage is sufficient).

The DCS-H1000 hub is a small Wi-Fi N, 2.4Ghz router with 2×2 300Mbps channels that supports up to four DCS-2800LH cameras. All the control and streaming goes via the hub. It can store images locally for you to access over your Home Wi-Fi or it can send that compressed video stream up to the D-Link cloud (a freemium service). The hub has a 12V/1.5A power adapter and a 100dB alarm.


The DCS-2800LH is an IP65 weather-resistant, 2MP, 1080p@24fps 135° FOV camera with a PIR (motion and heat detection), IR (up to 7.5m night mode), microphone (two-way talk), H.264 and JPEG recording. It has a 3.,6V, 23.5Wh lithium battery rechargeable via a 5V/2A micro-USB charger.


Unlike most other manufacturers, D-link reveals power use – .28mW standby, 1.2W (Day) and 1.88W night so we know it will work with at least one solar panel USB charger. Mounting is via a magnetic or tripod screw.

The system works with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and IFTTT. You can stream to TV or video devices.

D-Link ANZ MD Graeme Reardon said,

“Our new D-Link Omna Wire-Free Surveillance Kit gives users complete flexibility to keep an eye on the things that matter most, both inside or outside of your home, no matter the weather. There are no wires to run, and with high-power, rechargeable batteries powering each weather and dust-resistant camera, you’ll never have to worry about running ugly network cabling throughout your home, or be restricted to installing cameras close to a power outlet again. It also sports advanced features including Full HD 1080p video capture, combined with options to record footage to a locally connected microSD Card or USB Hard Drive, or to the mydlink cloud recording service, as well as crisp and clear two-way audio. In short Omna Wire-Free provides homes or businesses an easy choice to step up to the next level of smart surveillance solutions.”

Why a hub?

Arlo has been doing it for years. It makes sense to keep bandwidth-hungry streaming off the home network. Plus, the hub and cameras are less susceptible to internet dropouts than direct connected cameras.

GadgetGuy is yet to review the D-Link Omna DCS-2802KT but it seems like a bit of a game changer

  • Theoretically, the hub can go closer to the cameras reducing the issue of Wi-Fi dead spots, especially those outdoors. It is a lot cheaper to get a sparky to run an ethernet cable from the router to the hub if necessary – or use a pair of Powerline Ethernet over Power adaptors.
  • Wi-Fi routers and the home network are susceptible to dropouts if there are bandwidth hungry devices on them or the internet drops out. The hub has one task – to support the cameras so they can continue to do what they do best.
  • Local storage is vastly better and cheaper than cloud storage and keeps the traffic off the home network until you need to access it remotely.
  • The cameras are 2MP, 1080p and should not have to drop back to 720 or 480p if there is home network congestion or a weak signal.
  • Power management should be better between the dedicated hub and the camera. Cameras have a 3.6V, 6700mAh rechargeable battery that should last a few months between charges.
  • We are not sure yet what smarts are in the hub, but we expect it will support all the mydlink app functionality like zones, sensitivity adjustment, flip/mirror images etc. The cameras only work with the hub and processing is done on it.

If you need a cloud – and you really don’t

mydlink cloud recording offers free and paid subscriptions with pricing details as follows:

Note there is a complimentary Premium package for the first 12 months. It enables remote playback of recordings in the cloud or download video clips to a mobile device from anywhere, anytime, through the Internet.

Item Free Basic Premium Pro
Video clip recording period Rolling 24-hours 7-days 14-days 30-days
# of Supported Cameras Up to 3 Cameras Up to 3 Cameras Up to 5 Cameras Up to 10 Cameras
Monthly Fee 0 USD2.49 USD4.99 USD9.99
Annual Fee 0 USD24.99 USD49.99 USD99.99


The new Omna Wire-Free Surveillance Kit (DCS-2802KT) is available now in Australia at D-link online ($799.95) and at all authorised D-Link resellers and retailers across Australia and New Zealand.