D-Link’s webcam ups the angles with 180 degrees

Security cameras are getting more connected meaning you can check them on your smartphone, but they don’t always cover the widest angles, and that’s why one company is changing things.

D-Link has this week checked in with a consumer-friendly security camera foe the home, offering a larger and wider scope of viewing to make sure that place of yours is secure.


Called the “Wide Eye” camera unofficially and the not as easy to remember “DCS-2630L” officially, it’s a camera that goes for width above all, grabbing a Full HD 1920×1080 video capture over 180 degrees, making sure large rooms are captured completely and monitored without dramas.

Security cameras typically offer ranges of 70 degree to 130 degrees for security cameras, meaning distance is usually made for specific positions in the rooms, with an all-encompassing view usually occurring only when that camera sits in the very top corner of the room.


D-Link’s addition gets around this by using a wider lens, with the 180 degrees offering more scope and what the company claims is a “unique de-warping technology” to handle distortion and make the camera perform its motion detection more effectively by straightening what the camera would normally see as a distorted fisheye image.

“For some years now D-Link has been focusing on easy to use and highly effective DIY security solutions,” said Graeme Reardon, Managing Director of D-Link for Australia and New Zealand.

“Our new 180-degree ‘Wide-Eye’ camera provides customers with the ability to see an entire room from a single camera, all in glorious Full HD.”


Aside for a wider angle, D-Link says the DCS-2630L can also see in the dark for up to five metres thanks to infrared LEDs, with WiFi handled on the modern high-speed 802.11ac standard.

Audio is interesting, too, because while the camera can be used to pick up on sound detection, you’ll find a two-way audio solution using a microphone and speaker built into the camera, allowing to you say a nice friendly “hello, I’ve called the cops” to any would-be intruders, or just tell the cat to get off the sofa even though it will politely ignore you.

“The fact that a single camera can now provide full wall-to-wall coverage is a huge benefit to consumers and small businesses as many other competing solutions may require several cameras to see all the details within a room,” said Reardon.


Pricing on the D-Link DCS-2630L Full HD Ultra-Wide View WiFi Camera comes in at $499.95, with availability found across Australia now.